Chargeback Solutions

What you can expect with Swift Pay Systems.


We developed ChargeSavvy specifically for high risk, card present transactions. ChargeSavvy prevents friendly fraud transactions from happening at gentlemens clubs, night clubs, lingerie stores, jewelry stores, payday loan stores, etc. ChargeSavvy features include:

  • Capture datafile with client’s credit card & driver’s license in seconds.
  • Store data file compliantly, securely, and electronically.
  • Email data files to immediately fight chargebacks as they occur
  • EMV compliant.
  • NO non-recourse chargebacks.

POS Systems

Swift Pay offers a wide variety of solutions that fit the needs of most night clubs.
Here are are some of our most popular.


The VX520 is a speedy EMV countertop unit that is designed for ease of use. It is ideal for card present transactions and can be used for card not present transactions as well.


Talech is a robust IOS based POS system packed with functionality. It’s sleek design and user friendly interface help you run your business effectively and efficiently.

NCR Silver

NCR Silver is a top notch affordable IOS based POS that gives you the power to manage your business anywhere you go and everywhere your customers are.

Silverware POS

User-friendly POS allows your to service guests quicker than ever. Utilize the Itemized Bar Tabs Screen, Cash-And-Carry mode, and speedy tab-to-table or tab-to-tab functions..

NCR Aloha

Aloha is a top of the line restaurant solution that fits the needs of small to large merchants. Looking for all the bells and whistles? Here they are..

Coming soon, Verifone Carbon

Verifone Carbon embodies the company’s vision for how commerce operates in a connected world. It is the result of Verifone’s commitment to transforming the POS, where we are connecting merchants to new differentiating opportunities and consumers to intuitive, enjoyable experiences.

Merchant Accounts

What you can expect with Swift Pay Systems

  • No non-recourse chargebacks
  • Collect customer’s drivers license & credit card in an electronic COMPLIANT way
  • A streamlined, sleek experience for the customer
  • Robust bottle service reporting tool
  • Open tabs and pre-authorizations with EMV cards
  • Table side check out
  • PCI compliant